Report Requests

MDHI’s HMIS Lead Agency team will make every effort to accommodate reporting requests on HMIS data, but follows a priority level for responding to inquiries, depending on staff capacity, deadlines and demand. We ask that stakeholders requesting reports from HMIS provide a minimum of 14 business days lead time (more, if it is a complex request) for the HMIS team to be able to review and respond.

Please note, MDHI does not release client personally identifiable information as a component of reporting to third-parties and may require a Data Sharing Agreement to be in place for aggregate level information.

Please read the following information on data request priorities and then continue to the Data Request Form linked below to make your request.

Priority 1: 

Requests related to projects required to use HMIS, including those funded by: Continuum of Care (CoC), Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG), Veterans Administration (VA), Runaway Homeless Youth (RHY), Housing Opportunities for Person with AIDS (HOPWA), Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH).

Federal reports include but are not limited to Annual Performance Reports (APR), Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER), System Performance Measures (SPM), Longitudinal Systems Analysis (LSA), Point in Time (PIT), Housing Inventory Count (HIC), Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) or Domestic Violence Comparable Database requirements.

Priority 2:

Requests related to grant applications for homeless and housing services with an imminent funding deadline. This includes Federal, State government, local government, foundations or other funding sources.

Priority 3:

Ad-hoc queries for media, marketing such as annual reports, campaigns, legislation, or research. MDHI may require a Data Sharing Agreement depending on the nature of the reporting request.

As MDHI seeks to be the leader of community data on homelessness, we want to verify proper interpretation and reliable use of complex data. For stakeholders using ad-hoc or reported data sourced by MDHI for publication, research, media or public reporting purposes, MDHI requests that stakeholders submit their draft document to MDHI at least 5 days prior to publication, by emailing [email protected]. MDHI will respond with a confirmation or edits in a timely manner. This helps MDHI ensure that the data published is interpreted accurately to depict the state of homelessness in Metro Denver. The use of data from Point in Time reports, Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) dashboards or reports, or any other reports sourced by MDHI is included, but this request does not pertain to agencies or stakeholders using the data for grant writing or funding purposes.