4 Members Selected for New Statewide HMIS Collaborative


After a public call for nominations, the MDHI Board of Directors and Governance Committee selected four CoC members to represent the Continuum on the new Statewide HMIS Collaborative.

Weekly Roundup 12.11.17

Weekly Roundup 12.11.17: 2018 PIT Count, Grants Manager Position, Strategic Plan & Branding Survey, OneHome P&P, RGC & HMIS Representation, and more!

The Point in Time is coming - Get involved!

Everyone Counts in Metro Denver, and we are working diligently to increase engagement and coverage for the upcoming Point in Time count, which asks our community members experiencing homelessness where they slept the night of January 29th, 2018.

Weekly Roundup 11.30.17

Weekly Roundup 11.30.17: HMIS Collaborative Nominations, MDHI Stakeholder Meeting, RGC Application, 2017 Homeless Persons Vigil, Metro Denver Resident Input, and More! 

Weekly Roundup 11.20.17

Weekly Roundup 11.20.17: MDHI Stakeholder Meeting, RGC Application, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Weekly Roundup 11.7.17

Weekly Roundup 11.7.17: ESG RFP, MDHI Stakeholder Meeting, Hunger & Homelessness Week, Webinars, GPD NOFA, and More!