March 2019 HMIS E-News

We want to engage, support and equip you with information and resources you need to make all of your efforts in HMIS, work for you and the community on the path to ending homelessness.

March 2019


Weekly Roundup 3.14.19

HMIS data spotlight, Samaritan house renovations, MDHI flex fund reopening, VISTA project recruiting, employment and training opportunities

Samaritan House Renovation Plans

Catholic Charities of Denver is committed to serving those experiencing homelessness by restoring hope and dignity. With that, our responsibility includes upgrading Samaritan House shelter and its aging structure to provide a clean, safe, and functional environment.

MDHI Announces New Executive Director

Metro Denver Homeless Initiative (MDHI) is pleased to announce the hiring of their new Executive Director, Matt Meyer. Dr. Meyer will begin his work with MDHI on March 11, 2019.  

“It is an honor to be joining MDHI and work with such a talented and committed group of professionals. I am eager to contribute to our community’s efforts to decrease and ultimately eliminate homelessness in Metro Denver.”  Matt Meyer, Executive Director MDHI

Weekly Roundup 2.28.19

Turning over a new leaf, HMIS update, Englewood housing WL, WBUR's stories of ending homelessness, Funding and employment, and meetings!

February 2019 HMIS Update

As previously communicated, the HMIS project and client data in Clarity is occurring in multiple phases, as the MDHI HMIS team works through deciphering what is available from Adsystech, testing migration and converting it to formats in Clarity. The nature of this scale of migration has a cascading effect, and each migration step is dependent on the data uploaded before it.