HUD Announces FY2018 CoC Awards

HUD funding announcement

List of awards by CoC

On January 26, 2019, HUD announced nearly $2B in awards for CoC renewal projects. On February 6, 2019, HUD announced the award of CoC planning grants and new projects. 

OneHome updates 2.6.19

The OneHome team is looking forward to all of exciting changes happening this year. Keep reading to learn more about these system improvements!

Thank you for your support during PIT 2019

Everyone Counts in Metro Denver - and partners across the region reached out to our neighbors experiencing homelessness on the evening of January 28th throughout the next day, to survey everyone possible, and provide a thank you need or comfort item in return.

Weekly Roundup 1.24.19

PIT is Monday! Denver's mortgage asst; community conversation and more!

Weekly Roundup 1.10.19

PIT volunteers, HMIS stipend, training and office hours, ESG RFP due, employment opportunities, street chaplain workgroup, and DD214 info

Homeless Veteran Resource Providers Summit - a Networking Series

We ask you to consider the following question.

When providing housing services and/or conducting assessments are you asking your clients if they are veterans?

If they say “yes” what do you do next?