Everything You Need to Know to Be Ready for the MDHI Stakeholder Extravaganza

Hello, friends. The MDHI Stakeholder Meeting, which we are fondly referring to as the Stakeholder Extravaganza, is swiftly approaching. Here are four things you can do now. 

1.  RSVP if you haven't already or view event details here.

2.  Review the final draft of the 2018 MDHI Governance Charter. We've incorporated feedback, and highlighted the areas where we've made changes. 

3. Review the scoring tool for the upcoming 2018 CoC NOFA competition. The MDHI NOFA committee has completed a draft scoring tool to rank renewing grantees. Check out the 2018 CoC Notice of Funding Availability web page for more details.

5.31 weekly roundup

RRH standards approved; MDHI governance charter; aurora symposium; listening sessions on data; Welcome Annie! pregnant and parenting youth brief, training spotlight

Not Your Average Governance Charter

Each year, MDHI reviews and updates its governance charter by posting it online for public comment and reviewing it at the staff and board levels. Last year, we changed a few words and some punctuation, and called it good for another year. We even made jokes about how reading the document could lead to better REM sleep and, therefore, enhanced self care. 

This year's governance charter is much different! 

New Rapid Rehousing written standards

Introducing MDHI’s New Rapid Re-Housing Written Standards

The MDHI Board of Directors approved new Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) Written Standards on May 10th, 2018. You can find the document at www.mdhi.org/esg_rrh Some of the highlights from the standards include:


Aurora Innovative Housing Symposium 6.11.18

Post authored by James Gillespie - Community Impact and Gov’t Relations, Mile High Behavioral Healthcare


When it comes to housing, Colorado is at a tipping point. Pick up any form of local media and words such as “crisis,” “bubble,” “homelessness,” and “gentrification” crown the headlines. Indeed our state is in crisis. But in the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”


Weekly Roundup 5.17.18

MDHI Governance charter posted for public comment, community listening sessions on data, OneHome updates, NOFA office hours, Youth Action Board, Funding opportunities, MDHI job postings, and upcoming meetings