Weekly Roundup 10.9.19

PHC tomorrow, 2020 PIT convening, HMIS expansion report, Job fair, Street Chaplaincy, and employment opportunities

Weekly Roundup 9.26.19

Funding opportunities - ESG, Boulder, Census; Sam House update; volunteers needed and more!

SWSN in Need of Volunteers

Every Nonprofit organization relies heavily on volunteers to accomplish the mission and vision they are striving to fulfill. Volunteers ARE the real life Super Heroes in our communities. 

Severe Weather Shelter Network is in need of Super Heroes! Volunteers willing to step out of their comfort zone in order to help us prevent people from freezing to death or experiencing life changing injury this winter. 

Will you be A Super Hero for our shelter guests? 

Weekly Roundup 9.6.19

Day of Dignity, MDHI VISTA openings, Delores Project intake changes, Ban the Box, McKinney-Vento info, Trainings and the Calendar

Delores Project New Intake Procedure

After gathering some feedback from our shelter guests, we have decided to make some changes to our procedure for offering beds to community members on Mondays.

Weekly Roundup 8.21.19

This week: Trafficking Training, Housing lottery and resource fair, OD awareness march, Public charge rule, and Training opportunities