6.18.18 pit.nofa update

2018 Regional Point in Time Released; Public Comment on the NOFA scoring tools; Housing First Self-assessment; Event

Rapid Re-Housing Written Standards Webinar

Join us for a Rapid Re-Housing Written Standards Webinar on Wednesday July 25th, 2018! RSVP HERE MDHI will host a webinar providing an overview of the new RRH Written Standards and how the standards affect existing Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) and Continuum of Care (CoC) funded RRH projects.

The 2018 Continuum of Care Competition Begins!

This week, HUD announced over $2 billion available for the Continuum of Care (CoC) Program, including new bonus funding for domestic violence and other housing interventions. 

2018 Point in Time report released

The 2018 Point in Time report has been published! The Metro Denver community came together to plan and execute Everyone Counts, Metro Denver's Point in Time survey, which details those experiencing homelessness in our community on a single night in January. Held on January 29th, 2018, this report provides a snapshot of those staying in sheltered and unsheltered living situations in our community.

Everything You Need to Know to Be Ready for the MDHI Stakeholder Extravaganza

Hello, friends. The MDHI Stakeholder Meeting, which we are fondly referring to as the Stakeholder Extravaganza, is swiftly approaching. Here are four things you can do now. 

1.  RSVP if you haven't already or view event details here.

2.  Review the final draft of the 2018 MDHI Governance Charter. We've incorporated feedback, and highlighted the areas where we've made changes. 

3. Review the scoring tool for the upcoming 2018 CoC NOFA competition. The MDHI NOFA committee has completed a draft scoring tool to rank renewing grantees. Check out the 2018 CoC Notice of Funding Availability web page for more details.

5.31 weekly roundup

RRH standards approved; MDHI governance charter; aurora symposium; listening sessions on data; Welcome Annie! pregnant and parenting youth brief, training spotlight