Young Adult Leadership Committee

The voices of lived experience are key to developing a response system that equitably serves the most vulnerable in our community. Lived experience must inform the design and delivery of human services and social programs for either to successfully end homelessness.

The purpose of the Young Adult Leadership Committee (YALC) is to engage people ages 18-24 with lived experiences of homelessness or housing instability to address gaps in youth-specific services. So far, the YALC is responsible for:

  • Advising the MDHI BOD on CoC policies and procedures that affect youth experiencing homelessness
  • Participating in ongoing professional development and training
  • Planning community events to engage homeless youth in the community
  • Surveying youth and conducting other research necessary to create informed recommendations to providers
  • Reviewing the Youth Supplemental Survey for the annual PIT count and providing feedback

You can access our membership application here, which we review on a rolling basis.

Staff Leads

Sierra Trujillo, [email protected]
Layla Said, [email protected]


Every other Wednesday from 4:00 - 6:00 pm (by invitation only)*

Denver Public Library (Central)
10 W. Fourteenth Ave. Pkwy
Denver, CO 80204

  *Currently via Zoom