Councils & Committees

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Metro Denver Homeless Initiative (MDHI) is designated as the Primary Decision Maker and serves as the oversight Board of the CoC and the primary decision-making body of the CoC to effectively advance MDHI's mission of leading and advancing collaboration to end homelessness in the Metro Denver region.

Executive Committee
The MDHI Executive Committee consists of the board president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and immediate past president. This committee meets monthly prior to the Board meeting to set the Board agenda and to oversee the CoC process.

Finance Committee
The MDHI Finance committee reviews MDHI's income and expenditures; develops, reviews, and oversees financial systems and operations; and assists in identifying and securing operational funds.

Governance Committee
The Governance Committee actively recruits new Board members, interviews prospective candidates, and recommends a slate of candidates to the Board for yearly elections and current vacancies. The Governance Committee also provides leadership and oversight of the development and implementation of the CoC Governance Charter.

Regional Governance Council & Committees

The purpose of the Regional Governance Council is to set and review community policies and standards as well as oversee its constituent committees. 

Community Design Team 
The purpose of the Community Design Team is to improve the use of the OneHome coordinated entry system.

Permanent Housing Committee
The MDHI Permanent Housing Committee works to shift the perspective of the community on the efficacy of permanent housing and develops community standards.

Employment Committee
The MDHI Employment Committee works to cultivate strong employer networks based on relationships between job seekers who have experienced homelessness, employers, and employment specialists.

Resource Council & Committees

The purpose of the Resource Council* is to minimize service gaps by maximizing the efficiency of housing resources.

NOFA Committee
The CoC Program’s Notice of Funding Available (NOFA) is a community process that requires year-round planning and coordination. MDHI leads the process for the Metro Denver region’s annual HUD CoC NOFA application. As part of the application process, this committee reviews program applications and develops preliminary ranking recommendations.

Funder Alignment Committee*

Grantee Alignment Committee*

System Performance Council & Committees

The purpose of the System Performance Council is to maximize the efficiency of the homelessness system through effective collection and interpretation of data. 

Process Improvement Committee*

Data Governance Committee*

Equity and Accessibility Committee

Point in Time (PIT) Committee
The purpose of this committee is to plan and coordinate the annual PIT count across the Metro Denver region. The committee works with MDHI staff to carry out the HUD PIT directives, organize participating agencies and volunteers, and provide recommendations to ensure a complete count that incorporates all populations (veterans, youth, individuals, families) and locations (sheltered and unsheltered).

Stakeholder Advisory Council & Committees

The purpose of the Stakeholder Advisory Council* is to engage community stakeholders in dialogue to better understand the realistic state of homelessness and gauge the effectiveness of the current homeless crisis response network. Its committees work with the MDHI Board and staff to make recommendations, develop programs, share best practices, and promote regional collaboration.

Coordinating Committee
The MDHI Coordinating Committee is a venue for MDHI stakeholders to network with regional partners, discuss pertinent topics and share and receive updates on regional and local efforts to end homelessness in Metro Denver. 

Young Adult Leadership Committee

Lived Experience Advisory Board (LEAB)*

*in development